Die Desktop-Werkzeugpalette

A unique feature of the eBeam system is the Interactive Tool Palettes. The Tool Palettes are display menus that can be moved around on top of your desktop. They give you access to all of the major features of your eBeam system. It can be tapped and dragged around the entire display screen and can be hidden from view by using Button B on the Interactive Stylus or by right clicking the palette and selecting hide. There are four variations of the Interactive Tool Palette including the standard Desktop Tools Palette, the Desktop Annotation Tools Palette, the Scrapbook Tools Palette, and the PowerPoint Tools Palette. The tool palettes will switch functions according to what you are doing. For example, if you are using the eBeam Scrapbook application, the Scrapbook tools palette will be displayed, if you are using PowerPoint, the PowerPoint tools palette will display. The Desktop Tools Palette is the main tool palette for the software and there are eight buttons